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Amy Acheson is a communications consultant with over a decade of experience in assisting businesses and organizations through various communications. Professional skills include: campaign planning, writing, graphic design, web & print coordination. Technical skills include: AP Style, CS6 Creative Suite - InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Explore Minnesota – MN Group Travel Planner

A Scenic Byway section was written by Acheson Creative for the Minnesota 2014 Group & Packaged Travel Planner. It covered 21 designated routes throughout the state. The focus was on dining destinations to enjoy along the way. See Explore Minnesota here for current information on the routes.

Minnesota Group Travel Planner
Minnesota Group Travel Planner


The Tavern of Northfield – 30 Year Promotion

This fall marks the Tavern of Northfield‘s 30th anniversary. The historic restaurant offers exceptional from-scratch cooking and is located in the Archer House River Inn, a landmark in downtown Northfield, Minnesota.

Acheson Creative worked with the Tavern’s management and staff to develop their 30th celebration through various communications and promotions – written content, t-shirt design, a series of social media menu posts with custom artwork profiling new menu entrees, and video scene direction and testimonials. The Tavern contracted with Spreire (a Twin Cities based video company) and Acheson Creative to produce this short 3-minute promo video. Take a look!